All events will take place at the Toronto Media Arts Center TMAC, 32 Lisgar St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

TMAC is a collaborative space for Toronto media arts organizations, media-based artists and the Queen West Triangle community.



Building Access via Lisgar Park
Our main entrance is on the north side of the building, opening up onto Lisgar Park. The park is accessible from all sides via gently sloping ramp, but is mostly level with the sidewalk.

The park is mostly flat, obstacle-free concrete.

The main entrance to the building features three sets of doors. The one on the far left appears to be motorized, but the button has not yet been installed (as of March 2018). The other two double doors open fully and will be propped open during favourable weather. All of the doors open by pushing inward, not pulling. If you are arriving for an event, someone will be inside the entrance to assist you.

The entrance to TMAC is on the north side of the building, facing onto the park, east of the condo entrance.

A photo of the entrance, with three arrows pointing to three sets of double doors:


If you encounter any issues, please call or text (416) 879-8942 and someone will be happy to meet you.

Second floor
All events and offices are located on the second floor, accessible via an elevator just inside the entrance.

The ground floor washroom and toilet are wheelchair accessible.

There is a private accessible washroom on the second floor next to the all-gender washroom, and two accessible stalls in the shared washroom.

There are diaper-changing stations in all washrooms.

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